CECI was established in 1969 primarily for the purpose of upgrading Taiwan's engineering technology and assisting in the economic development of Taiwan and other developing countries, and has been awarded ISO certification for planning, design, construction supervision, construction management, information technology and system engineering as well as numerous other accreditations.

With its sense of entrepreneurship, CECI has rendered the opportunity to participate in the nation’s most important projects and be a part of the economic miracle which transformed Taiwan and brought about advanced transportation infrastructure including the nation’s first freeway, the world’s biggest High Speed Railway BOT project, world class metro systems, and the famous hi-tech corridor of science and technology parks which are home to some of the world’s top researchers, developers and manufacturers of cutting edge industries.

Furthermore, with the emergence of the information age, CECI has been actively expanding its scope of services into new technologies and areas of work, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), e-Ticketing and other types of applications which answer to the tendencies and trends of technological advancement.

With a staff of over 1,700 professionals representing virtually all engineering design disciplines, their hard working dedication and support enable us to provide cost-effective solutions with superior quality of service and at the same time collaborate with other partners, organizations and societies that we have demonstrated our goal becoming an internationalized firm to assist in the economic development of other countries and share in our commitment to keep a harmonious relationship with nature while using our precious natural resources safely and wisely.