Vision – CECI’s path in an ever-changing world is a journey towards engineering innovation and practical solutions. While collaborating with others, diversifying our resources or venturing out into the horizon, CECI embraces the opportunity to form partnerships, exchange knowledge and information, and promote all types of technology and infrastructures which can accommodate the challenges of modern civilization and make vast improvements to the world we live in.

Mission – It is our mission to dedicate all of our strengths and efforts to furthering social and economic development while sustaining our world’s natural systems. Whether it is through the endeavors of Research and Development (R&D), provision of engineering consulting services or sponsorship of technical seminars and educational programs, CECI seeks to advance a better understanding of our engineering world with all of our partners, customers and clients, and at the same time help empower and enrich the fertile minds of future engineers and scientists.

Values - CECI approaches each engineering challenge with resourceful teamwork and a guiding principle that all engineering solutions must create a harmonious and sustainable relationship between humanity and the earth. Adhering to this core philosophy, CECI prudently takes into consideration the features or characteristics of a project in the backdrop of a changing climate and socio-economic environment, and is committed to achieving a sensible balance between humanity and nature without exploiting our precious natural resources, but instead taking advantage of smart technology and innovation.