CECI in Thailand

In 2008, CECI was selected by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to lead a Technical Assistance (TA) study in preparing an integrated ticketing system for Bangkok's mass rapid transit systems. Currently, Bangkok's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network is comprised of two different systems operated by two different concessionaires, with the construction of extensions to the existing lines as well as new MRT lines already underway. Hence, the deployment of an integrated ticketing system supporting a common ticketing platform for all of the network's MRT lines would not only facilitate the users of the MRT and promote public transit operations in general, but at the same time help bring about other desired effects such as less congestion on the roads and less air pollution, which would be a great benefit to the Bangkok Metropolitan Region.

Rolling out a new integrated ticketing system is not a simple task and involves much risk and careful planning. Specialties of transportation, finance, law and technology must all be properly taken into account when preparing a roadmap for introducing a single, common fare smartcard that can be used on any MRT line, and eventually used on other modes of public transit. Take, for example;

  1. the traveling demands and behavior of the public on the MRT and other types of transport,
  2. the financing capability of the government and possibility of participation from the private sector,
  3. the local legal provisions governing the rules and regulations for operating such a system, and
  4. the procurement of a system requiring artificial intelligence and extensive testing for acceptance.

Such factors are key to identifying problem areas or opportunities, and thus determining the next steps to ensure the system's successful implementation. Led by CECI's Managing Director of the Department of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Dr. Huang, Wen-Jing, CECI in association with Taipei Smart Card Corporation and Hyweb Technology Co. Ltd., worked closely together with the ADB and the Kingdom of Thailand's Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) to carry out the TA Study and set up its next phase of implementation for future system procurement and Program Management Services.

One of four workshops held for the TA Study of the Bangkok MRT Integrated Ticketing Project (Jan. 09)


Name of Project:
Bangkok Mass Rapid Transit Integrated Ticketing Project
Name of Client:
Asian Development Bank
Period of Service:
June 2008 to March 2009
Type of Services:
Feasibility Study and Planning
Bangkok, Thailand

The project is comprised of six key activities in preparing the project design and feasibility study for the procurement of an integrated ticketing system:

  • Developing a strategic approach for implementing integrated ticketing.
  • Preparing the draft integrated ticketing policy framework.
  • Preparing draft tender documentation for procurement of a system.
  • Determining financing requirements and a funding strategy.
  • Preparing the governance structure and an implementation plan.
  • Preparing the Terms of Reference for Program Management Services.