CECI has the high foresight for developing Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology. The BIM Integration Center was formally established in 2010, which consists of three teams: Technical Services, BIM Applications Development Services, and Engineering Digital Content. All team members in BIM Integration Center have different specialties to provide the different BIM services, including 3D modeling, software development, and BIM applications of engineering projects.

Related Projects


    • [BIM Services]
    • ● The Development of the BIM Model and Application
    • ● The Integration and Management Services using BIM
    • ● The Development of the BIM Environment for Collaboration and Coordination
    • ● The Guidance Service of BIM Applications and Boosts for Construction Industry
    • ● The BIM Services of Space Analysis and Improvement Suggestions
    • [BIM Developments]
    • ● The Development of the BIM-based Construction Assistant System
    • ● The Development of the BIM-based Construction Management System
    • ● The Developments of the BIM-Assistanted Facility Management System
    • ● Related BIM System Development Services based on the requirements of Construction Industry
    • [Engineering Digital Applications]
    • ● The Development of the City-Reality Model
    • ● The Development of the High-Simulation Engineering Model
    • ● The Development of New Construction Method Simulation Model
    • ● The Development of the Large-Scale Land Model
    • ● The Plan and implementation of the Interactive-Digital Content Service in the Engineering Exhibition Hall