CECI performs services for Geographical Informations Systems (GIS), aerial surveying and 3D spatial technology so as to facilitate studies, investigations and surveys typically carried out prior to when a project has taken shape, including those for feasibility studies, economic benefit assessments, financial analyses, traffic surveys, analyses and forecasts, and environmental impact assessments, as well as those after the project has been established, such as follow-up site investigations, photogrammetry, topographic surveying and GIS application systems for all types of projects.

Related Projects


    • Survey planning.
    • Control surveying.
    • Orthophotography.
    • Detail surveying.
    • Profile & cross-section surveying.
    • GPS surveying.
    • Hydrographic surveying.
    • Post-processing of satellite imaging
    • Digital terrain production.
    • Digital mosaic production.
    • 3D City Visualization.
    • Web GIS / Mobile GIS Applications.
    • Enterprise GIS Architecture Design.
    • GIS-based Database Establishment.
    • GIS Data Analysus.
    • GIS Training.
    • GIS-Transportation & ATIS.