The CECI project management provides fully range services in construction management field. The magnificent experiences were carried out in high-rise building, stadium, airline operation park, military dependents village and government office building. These success efforts had already gained reputation from the client.

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    • I. Consulting and Reviewing of Design Stage
    • 1. Recommendation of material, equipment system.
    • 2. Design coordination.
    • 3. Reviewing design, specification and drawing.
    • 4. Reviewing bidding budget.
    • II. Consulting and Reviewing of Tender and Award Bidding Stage
    • 1. Assisting reviewing tender documents.
    • 2. Assisting making regulations of tenderer qualification.
    • 3. Assisting reviewing tenderer’s documents.
    • 4. Making analysis sheet of tenderer’s proposal.
    • III. Consulting and Reviewing of Construction Supervision and Contract Performance Management Stage
    • 1. Supervising coordination and integration of work interfaces.
    • 2. Reviewing construction plan, quality management plan, estimated process, construction drawing, equipment samples and so on.
    • 3. Supervising construction quality.
    • 4. Supervising resident safety and health, traffic maintenance and environmental protection.
    • 5. Supervising construction process.
    • 6. Reviewing contractor’s monthly billing.
    • 7. Reviewing as-built drawings and settlement documents.
    • 8. Supervision of plumbing, electrical & mechanical equipment, pipe, equipment testing and trial operation.
    • 9. Assisting engineering acceptance and handover.