To ensure punctual completion of tunnels along with their safety and comfort while fully satisfying construction quality in all stages of work, CECI implements numerical analyses to simulate the complicated variation of in-situ stress and strain during tunnel excavation for the NATM or Shield Driving method, and computerized fluid mechanics and aerodynamic models for the analysis of safety and disaster prevention. Furthermore, CECI is equipped with the third set (after the USA and Japan) of long tunnel ventilation experimental apparatus for providing advanced modeling tunnel engineering expertise.

Related Projects


    • Geotechnical investigations (including boring, laboratory testing of soil and rock, etc.).
    • Planning, design, construction supervision, restoration and maintenance management of tunnels.
    • Construction site monitoring management and feedback analyses of tunnels.
    • Safety inspections and accident prevention for tunnels and ancillary facilities.
    • Foundation, deep excavation, slope stability, repair and adjustment works, foundations improvement and land fills.
    • Pavement design of highways, streets and runways.
    • Planning, design, analyses and conclusive studies for field monitoring systems.
    • Special foundation work technical studies and assessments.